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Marcella Maier - Translation Iris Hunter

The Green Silk Shawl

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Paperback, 228 pages, english, Perfect Publishers Ltd.  2018
ISBN 978-0-9955093-8-2
14 x 21,6  x 1,3 cm, 315 g, 18 Illustrations black and white

At the start of the 19th century, in the Val
Bregaglia in southern Switzerland, life is hard
for the young widow Alma and her little
daughter Lisabetta. When Lisabetta grows up,
she does not want to live like her mother and so
she moves to the Engadin, which has just been
discovered by tourism. After a few happy
years, however, she too is destined to care for
her family on her own…

In this very real and touching family saga, Marcella Maier tells the
story of her family over four generations.


Max Weiss


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